Diagnosed at 33 years old with cancer in the form of an astrocytoma grade 2, brain tumour.

Living with cancer and having a young family, this is my blog about my journey, to live a full and fruitful life, whilst on the quest for survival. Embarking on a voyage of health, fitness, western medicine & surgery, alternative therapies and self discovery.

where will this journey will take me ………. Only time will tell.

I am not writer, or to be honest usually any good at writing or expressing my feelings.

These are my own thoughts , feelings and experiences, written down raw as they happen . 

If this blog helps just one person understand,  or come to terms with their own diagnosis. While educating others about this often invisible disease…….

I will have achieved my aim..  


Behind the dark clouds, the sun shines bright. X




2 responses

  1. Tears, anger, frustration and ultimately hope coupled with your courage and amazing will to fight hard will all be part of your journey Dave…..you have my greatest admiration.
    Sending love to you, Sam and your family.
    Remember, you are more than a hero to one, you are an inspiration to so many.
    Gina & John x

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