RBS 6 Nations & Waking up in Hospital……

Maybe going to the rugby in Chemotherapy week, cycle 5 was probably not my best idea. This cycle hadn’t been my best, as I felt sick before starting on the Friday.

But the following Friday morning I felt ok. I was travelling down to Windsor for the weekend , as we do every year, to watch what had been billed as the 6 nations title decider.

Now Wales have only ever beaten England twice at Twickenham and  unfortunately  I was present for 50% of that statastic having watched us throw away the game,  during the world cup defeat to them, so I was after revenge.

A new Team , a new set up ,new hope.

The day started with waiting for our tickets to arrive. Instead of setting off at 10am it was  midday . But we were in no rush . This was not going to be the usual mad weekend, I wasn’t sure if I was even going to drink.

Cliffy was driving and Jamo and Matty were coming with us. Under Armour had sorted the tickets for us again, such an amazing company.

We were on the road by midday and the traffic was slow.


We made it to Windsor by 5ish, checked in and went out for some food.

I chose not to drink any alcohol and was in bed by 11pm.

Next morning and it was game day. After an all you can eat breakfast in the hotel,quick shop round Windsor it was the train to Twickenham .

We got to the ground early and as a result me and matt ended up on ITV.

Security was a lot tighter this year so we had a drink outside the security . We were joined by the famous Flameheads .


A few bargain’s were had around the Twickenham store which was empty , usually its rammed.

The game got underway and England dominated the first half.

I love rugby, both sets of fans sat with each other , good banter.

We had an Irish fan sat behind us, who was with his welsh girlfriend. He was clearly very bitter and hated the English, he became quite annoying and he actually left in the second half .

We were quite glad as in the last 8 mins Dan Cole was sin binned and Wales came storming back. Luckily we held our nerve, as my new hero Mario Itoje won the line out on the last play and the ball was kicked out of touch.

England were the RBS 6 Nation champions!!!!


I was that stressed, that we sat in our seats for 30mins after till i’d managed to calm down.

As always we went to the Ruck and Maul bar to watch the live band. I wasn’t feeling my best so only drank 2 Guinness during the game then went onto shandy.

I had arranged to meet my friends Caroline & Robbo at 0830am the next morning, So I headed back to the hotel room with matt and was in bed for 2330hrs.

I had not slept all week and was up and down , I felt like my mind was racing and I tried meditation techniques to fall asleep. My mind was firing in all directions.

I opened my eyes Sam and my sister  were sat looking at me . I tried to take in my surroundings . I was in Wexham Park Hospital , Slough. I was told that I had 5 seizures in my sleep and Matthew had sounded the alarm and probably saved my life.

I had severely chomped through my tongue and been choking on my own blood and vomit.


It was now Monday and the lads had made their way home .

Even stranger still, was a friend from my clubbing days was the nurse who looked after me. Simmo who new both me and matt was my acute nurse.I’d not seen him in 15years.What are the chances ???

I had lines stitched into me and bruises all over me. My head was mush and my memory is still hazy from my time in hospital.

I was discharged later that Monday. I slept the whole journey home .

Its been hard trying to pick myself back up. knock after knock wears you down.

I’m down for now and looking forward can’t see a way back up. But i know I will, I must.

My MRI has been moved forward to Monday to check that Terry hasn’t sparked back into life . I’m hoping it was just me being ill going into chemotherapy and not taking my seizure meds that weekend, plus the stress of the last 8mins of the game and not sleeping all week took its toll.

My tongue became infected and I was back in hospital Wednesday . I was put on 2 lots of Anti-Biotics and a pain killing mouth wash . They have had the desired effect and my tongue appears to be knitting back together.

O well …Behind the dark clouds the sun still shines bright … although its hard to see.



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