The day my life span upside down…..

It was recommended to me by my best mate mat, that I should start a blog to help me and others understand the battle I was in.
At first I laughed at his suggestion, but 4 months into “The Fight” I have warmed to the idea .
I decided that this was a way for my two children josh, currently 9years old and Halle 6 years of age, to one day read and follow my fight, thoughts, fears and hopes for their future, when eventually This fight is lost .

So where to begin. This is a Blog , but I am 4 months ahead of where the nightmare began. I may as well tell the first part as a story and get you all upto speed. So there may be a few blogs over the next couple of days, bear with me……

The day my world changed for ever……..
It was Thursday 1st May 2014 and as per usual, my day was chaotic .
I was 5 months in as a newly promoted sergeant, in Knowsley and 3 months into my new role, working out of Huyton .
That day is still a bit hazy, I recall my wife Sam ringing me to see if I was going to be home on time, which had never happened since starting.
I answered the phone saying quickly “I am having a nightmare you couldn’t have rang at a worse time, I will be late” then hung up.
Usually I was first in the office and last out . On the day in question I was in work at 0645 and eventually left about 9pm .
I had given my staff strict orders, to make sure I was home the following day on time, as it was my daughters 6th birthday.
I drove the 30minutes home and with my wife laid my daughters presents out in the living room , ready for the next day.
I ate some cereal as my tea and crawled into bed falling asleep watching celebrity juice.
I slowly awoke to a man stood at the end of the bed , he was in a bright fluorescent coat. My head was fuzzy but felt fine , as my eyes focused i realised it was a paramedic . I was still lying down, I looked left to SAMs side but she wasn’t there. Turning to the right, Sam was stood there with a second paramedic tears streaming down her face . “DAVE YOU NEED TO COME WITH US MATE , WE NEED TO GO NOW” the paramedic at the end of the bed repeated this a number of times . I vaguely remember saying “I’M OK YOU KNOW ” Sam then shouted “DO YOU THINK I WOULD PHONE THEM IF THIS WASNT SERIOUS, YOUVE HAD A FIT” that night still feels like a bad dream .
I began to get dressed but still protested I was fine. The paramedic then started to ask me questions in an attempt to get me talking to keep me moving . “YOU’RE IN THE POLICE AINT YOU” “YES” I replied , “WHERE DO YOU WORK?”
I just sat there and looked at him , I had no idea , I new I was in the job but hadn’t a clue where I worked, or who I worked with.
I looked back at my pillow and saw fresh blood stained on it , I later realised I had bitten clean through my tongue.
The bruising that later followed was a picture, it looked like I had been eating a black jack sweet , that I used to eat as a Kid, which turned your tongue black.
I was led to the ambulance outside and strapped in . I was asked my address my GP’s name and date of birth, I just sat there looking at him feeling stupid , I had no idea.
I found my job phone in the coat Sam had put on me in the pocket.
I started scrolling through the contacts looking for names to jog my memory , still nothing.
I got to arrowe park and the fog had started to lift in my brain.
I text Sam asking if she was coming, as I had no clue what was going on. Luckily the kids slept through the whole incident at home , Sam stayed whilst waiting for the inlaws to arrive.
I was wheeled straight into the resuscitation room, where a hive of activity buzzed around me. “LIVERPOOL , HUYTON”‘I shouted out , the nurses looked at me strangely . I had just remembered where I had worked.
Sam arrived and one of the doctors asked me to take my top off , as I did I started to feel a slow pop and burning sensation, which turned into an excruciating sharp pain in my right shoulder. I realised my shoulder was dislocated . The pain was sickening, the medical staff raced round trying to sort pain relief for me. Gas and air was up first , I sat there head spinning taking huge breaths from the mouth piece, to the point I felt sick.
I was given a shot of morphine. As the drug entered my body , it was an instant relief, I felt the colour come back into my face. “THATS BETTER ” I said, the dr went to walk away with half the syringe still full. “OI WHERE ARE YOU GOING, AND THE REST” she laughed and gave me the rest of the morphine.
She was a young doctor, probably a senior house office, but I have never seen someone so happy with the thought of putting someone’s shoulder back in. “I HAVENT DONE THIS SINCE TRAINING, I CANT WAIT” she said “YOURE A BIG LAD SO WILL NEED SOME HELP” a further few doctors arrived . The doctor asked me to uncross my legs and slowly lie back. I was bent over and twisted . As I uncrossed my legs my arm moved only slightly and my shoulder shot back into its joint , the relief was amazing. “ITS BACK IN ” I said , the doctor looked at me and sad ,”YOURE JOKING , I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT”.
Blood was taken I was placed straight onto a drip with antibiotics. The medical team thought I had bacterial meningitis . This had been backed up by my upper body being covered in spots .
But I was well in myself and if I was at that stage of meningitis, I new I would be seriously ill and be lucky to be still alive.
Sam talked me through the events of what had happened and that she had been woken by the bed shaking . I at this point asked her if she thought I was……….. We shall leave that there remember the kids will read this one day.
It was now 2am and queue my mum…… She burst into resus , tears rolling down her face , she through herself on me and then the lecture started. It’s that protein powder your taking and that t.v in your room, mobile phones microwaves anything basically electronic .
she had been out the night before and was still slightly tipsy ,my sister had drove her and was stood behind her laughing at me ,as my mum continued her rant.
The hours flew by and it was suddenly 7am the medical team had me moved up onto ward 32 at arrowe park hospital, for observation and for further tests.
I was seen by nurses, doctors , consultants. I had blood taken , IV antibiotics, injections, my heart rate, oxygen saturation and temperature taken over and over again . The day went on and I had still only had 1hr sleep in 2days, I was sent down for a CT scan , or the giant polo, as my nan would call it.
It only took 5mins , but soon I was back down again for another CT scan , this time I was injected with dye. It was a strange warm sensation, as it slowly moved around my body. The nurse did say you will feel as though you have wet yourself , but don’t worry you won’t of. 10 mins later we were done and I was back up on the ward.
I new I didn’t have meningitis, I spoke to Sam and said once these results are back I am discharging myself, after all it was my daughters birthday. Sam was not impressed.
It was now Late afternoon and the family had descended. I was in private room , with a notice on the door reading , masks and gloves required. “So quarantine then hey” , I thought.
The door opened and my consultant and her whole team walked in. She looked surprised to see everyone and slightly uneasy. She asked who everyone was, so I made the introductions. She said she had the results of my scans and was I ok with everyone in the room , while she discussed them with me.
I new something was wrong and asked everyone but Sam to leave.
The consultant hesitated and I could see tears in her eyes.
I said to her ” ITS BAD NEWS ISNT IT, JUST TELL ME ” she confirmed it was and then hit me with news that you never expect to hear , I couldn’t of guessed what was coming in my worst nightmares. “UNFORTUNATELY YES, IVE BEEN ONTO WALTON NEURO , THEY HAVE VIEWED YOUR SCANS AND YOU HAVE A SUSPECTED BRAIN TUMOUR, IM SORRY”…..



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